Saturday, May 25, 2013

Zesty Cheese Doritos

Another uniquely Canadian flavor. It's a bit hard to write much about these chips, they're not bad by any means, but not particularly good either. Next to Lightly Salted, these are the most bland Doritos in existence. Unlike the superior Nacho Cheese flavor, these ones are devoid of any kind of spiciness. They taste like regular tortillas with some cheesy dusting which seems to be made up of parmesan and cheddar cheese with a hint of onion. They're very edible but also rather boring and perhaps a little too salty, I think I'd probably prefer to just eat regular salted tortilla chips. The seasoning is by no means offensive but it leaves a lot to be desired. The flavor certainly isn't Zesty despite the name, maybe a hint of lemon juice flavoring would give these chips a much-needed kick, they're essentially the Cheeto of the Dorito family, I'd rather eat a bag of Cheetos any day. I guess people who don't like spiciness and really love cheese will enjoy these chips, I'd personally rather the Jalapeno and Cheddar, Inferno, or Spicy Nacho flavor for a cheesy treat that isn't as boring as a Walking Dead marathon.

Another massive downside to these chips is that the flavor really lingers, don't eat them when you're out and about unless you want to smell like an old sock, I ate this bag about an hour ago and I can still taste them, I'm going to go scrub my teeth now. Remember when I said they're not bad? I take it back, they suck. Eugh.


  1. each to their own but I think they are greatI just wish you could find them in the United States!!!!

  2. I had these while in Toronto for TIFF and thought they were some new flavor, and was so bummed when I came home to America and couldn't find them anywhere only to learn they are a Canadian thing. :( They are my new favorite flavor (previously I was a Cooler Ranch guy)

  3. Zesty cheese Doritos are basically Nacho cheese flavor but x3 the cheese flavor so idk what you're talking about.

    1. exacto. I don't know what they're talking about with Nacho Cheese being moderately spicy? They taste exactly the same. These are just cheesier. I'm eating some right now.

  4. I think you have weak taste buds, wait...I know you have weak taste buds.

  5. Tbh. This article upset me, but seeing someone from every year disagree with you shows you’re definitely didn’t make a good impact with this article. Hope your new stuff is better, because this is absolutely wrong.

  6. These people are all idiotic dunce cap wearing dunces. You're right on the money and these commenters have pathetic, boring, and sad taste in chips.
    Source: American who bought these in canada/supertaster/purveyor of interesting kinds of chips.