Saturday, May 11, 2013

Doritos Inferno

Hello and welcome to my new blog. I'll be using it to write about various food I'm eating here in the glorious city of Toronto. The blog will focus a lot on junk food, since, despite being 30 years old, I have the appetite of a 15 year old weedhead.

And with that, let us jump into the first post; Doritos Inferno. I tried these chips for the first time yesterday, assuming they'd be fairly hot given the title and the flashy packaging adorned with flames on a black background. When I first opened the bag, I noticed the chips themselves are a similar color to the Spicy Nacho flavor except with seemingly less seasoning. I'd show you a picture of them if I hadn't already eaten the entire bag, below is a pic of some of the crumbs!  I'll have to eat more bags before I know whether or not the amount of seasoning is consistent, sometimes it varies with Doritos.

After eating one, I was a little underwhelmed by the lack of heat, it seemed the tried and tested Spicy Nacho flavor still had the crown for spiciest flavor, but after a couple more mouthfuls I was pleasantly surprised by the delayed spiciness that crept up. They've actually got quite a kick to them! Hardcore chili hounds won't notice much of a kick, but for Doritos they really are pretty hot!

So if you like Doritos and you enjoy a bit of a spicy kick, check these out. They have a nice cheddar flavor with a substantially spicy aftertaste. I've read that the Mexican recipe is nowhere near as hot as the Canadian variety, so seek out the Canuck ones if you can.


  1. Your review is much appreciated. What's next? Oh and chekkit, I logged i to post with my google account and it makes me an ancient screen name. aka Jas k

  2. Thanks for reading, home-fly. Next up will probably be a review of Hot Wings Ruffles :D

  3. I wish we had more spicy crisps in Denmark. By mailorder i got some Blair's death rain though. Try them :)

  4. I've had the Habanero ones, they're absolutely delicious!