Saturday, May 11, 2013

FudgeeO Cookies

To give a little more context to this blog, it's North American food from the perspective of a European, so many of the products are all exciting and new to me.

FudgeeO's are cookies made by Nabisco in most of the world, and by Christie here in Canada. They're something of a more decadent version of the humble Oreo, two chocolate biscuits sandwiching a delicious fudge-flavored center. Like Oreos, they also come in a Double Stuff variety which I look forward to trying out. The cookies themselves are delicious, similar to Oreos with a slightly lighter texture.

They feel slightly lighter than Oreos but taste just as chocolaty, if not more so. If you've ever tried the Fudge flavored Oreos, think of these as a superior version, the filling is softer and more abundant. You can still make your own Double Stuffs by carefully twisting off a biscuit from two cookies and sticking the two remaining sides with the filling intact together, the cream is of a softer consistency though, so use a lighter touch! Overall I find the filling a lot sweeter than that of Oreos which is a good thing if you want to just eat one or two, but a drawback if like me, you plan on devouring a lot of them in one go.

So ,overall, my verdict is a positive one! If you've got a sweet tooth and a love for chocolate, try them out. The filling doesn't exactly taste like real fudge but it's still delicious! Ideal for a movie snack or with a nice cup of coffee. Give these a try!


  1. Y.U.M.!! Never tried these either. Is there a vanilla version?

  2. No Vanilla version, but there should be, vanilla fudge is amazing! As far as I know, the only other variety are Double Stuf.